About Us

Left to right: Phil Karn (KA9Q), Jim McLaughlin (KI6ZUM), Karl “KC” Cain (KC6B), John Earnest (KG6EQU), David White (WD6DRI)

Who are we?

We are students at Mt Carmel High School (San Diego, Southern California). We are interested in engineering and have decided to make efforts to learn more! We’re a club that meets after school to learn more about Amateur Radio and build high-altitude balloon payloads. Our mentors and advisors are pictured above .

What do we do?

We build, test, and launch low-Earth orbit satellites and are putting together something considerably smaller to send up in the next few years. We’re also in the process of planning out a digital satellite station and putting antennae onto the roof of our school. We’ve also put together a licensing class, run by Mr. Earnest. New as of 2016, unlicensed club members are taught everything they need to get their Amateur Radio license!

We’d like to thank Mr. Bassham for his incredibly generous donation of the 2015-2016 year. We are so grateful for your help!♦

How can I help?

We are always in need of expert advice, including having guest speakers! Also, we’re always in need of supplies such as radios, antennae, batteries, solar panels, miscellaneous hardware and tools, etc. If you’d like to donate that would be fantastic!

Just email us at jearnest@powayusd.com, and we’d really appreciate it!